When Furnace Meets Fan

I’ve heard it said that you should date someone for a year before considering marriage so that you can know what they’re like in every season. After being married for almost two years, I must say there is some wisdom to this idea. But here are some additional things to consider: Is my spouse a

The Other Kind Of Cat Calling: A Newlywed Story

August marks two years since The Husband and I got married. Which means it’s time I fully embrace my status as a married woman and get a dog. I should explain. As y’all know, our household is currently run by The Cat. Whenever I’ve had a pet in my house, it has been a cat.

Don’t extend an olive branch. Try aisle seats instead.

When I got married, one of the bits of advice I received was to be prepared to compromise. The Husband and I were both in our thirties when we tied the knot, so we had many years of experience with Doing Our Own Thing. We have the added benefit of both being stubborn, which made

When happy little trees aren’t so happy…

Bob Ross lied to me, y’all. You remember Bob. He had a show called The Joy of Painting. I watched it a lot when I was a kid. “Really Amy?” you ask. Yes, really. I enjoyed watching him make all works of art. One week he would paint a big tree next to a babbling

Pomp, Circumstance, and Pods: A Graduation Story

Recently The Husband and I traveled across the country to attend a high school graduation. My sister-in-law (also known as my Teenage Dialogue Consultant) was among the eager graduates. Having come from a large family, I have been to many a high school graduation. Granted, it has been a few years since I last attended

How To Win At Internet Arguing: A Medieval Proposal

It would seem I have a lot of social media frustration these days. This is my third post on the subject. I promise I’ll move on to other topics eventually. Gotta get it all out of my system, I guess. What is today’s topic, you ask? Perhaps the mother of all internet grievances: Online Arguing.

If only I could count sheep…

I don’t know about y’all, but I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. I love sleep when it happens. I hate the fact that it’s so difficult for me. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, last night was rough. I fell asleep just fine, but then I woke up at 1:46 AM — I know because

Tired of online fakery? I’ve got some ideas.

Last week’s post introduced you to the concept of English major rage. Specifically, I was mad about a particular social media habit of putting pictures with quotes even if they don’t make any sense. Well, I’m still riled up, so y’all are gonna hear more of my social media grievances. This time, though, I’m gonna

Holy Angry English Major, Batman!

Okay, friends, you’re about to be treated to some Rage Blogging. It’s probably not a good idea to blog while mad, but I’m going to anyways. When The Muse calls with an idea, you’ve gotta roll with it. The Muse is kind of like the Commissioner Gordon to my Batman. Gordon never stops to think,