Month: February 2018

Lady Doritos? Pens For Her? I’ve Got A Better Idea…

File this under “Things I Wish Someone With Technical Skills Would Invent.”   Last weekend The Husband and I were out shopping for some furniture. There was a particular store that we wanted to hit, but we couldn’t remember exactly where it was. So I whipped out my Smarter Than You phone and fired up

Something Smells Good In My Newsfeed

I don’t know about all y’all, but lately Facebook has become my cookbook.   Sure, I use Facebook for a lot of things. Looking at pictures of all the cute babies everyone else is having. Rolling my eyes at the latest ridiculous “fact filled” memes. Keeping tabs on long lost acquaintances like a creeper. But

And we’re off to a great start!

First and foremost, thanks for a great launch! I am overwhelmed at all the positive responses received so far. So I’m gonna reward y’all with a bonus post answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions I’ve received since the blog went live yesterday. I tried to leave a comment, and it said I was a

Read This Blog. It’s Good For You.

Hello internet. I have started a blog. And I want to tell you why you — yes, YOU — should read it. No matter who you are, I’m confident that this blog is what you need. Lemme explain why by outlining the possible outcomes of reading this blog:   You could read it and LOVE