Month: July 2018

Party In The Bathroom!

The other day I went to the bathroom and thought, “this really needs a remodel. How am I supposed to have a party in here?” I should clarify. Said bathroom was not in my house. Bathroom parties at home don’t really work. This was a public restroom. And it was way too small. There were

My Points Are Better Than Your Points

Today I had one of my random epiphanies on how to make the world a better place. I’m sure you’re curious to know what I came up with, aren’t you? Did I solve world hunger? Eliminate homelessness? No I did not. But I’ll tell you what I did realize… The key to everything is invisible

When Furnace Meets Fan

I’ve heard it said that you should date someone for a year before considering marriage so that you can know what they’re like in every season. After being married for almost two years, I must say there is some wisdom to this idea. But here are some additional things to consider: Is my spouse a

The Other Kind Of Cat Calling: A Newlywed Story

August marks two years since The Husband and I got married. Which means it’s time I fully embrace my status as a married woman and get a dog. I should explain. As y’all know, our household is currently run by The Cat. Whenever I’ve had a pet in my house, it has been a cat.