And we’re off to a great start!

First and foremost, thanks for a great launch! I am overwhelmed at all the positive responses received so far. So I’m gonna reward y’all with a bonus post answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions I’ve received since the blog went live yesterday.

I tried to leave a comment, and it said I was a suspected bot? What’s up with that? 

I don’t know. Maybe I’ve seen Stepford Wives too many times and now suspect everyone is a robot.

No, seriously, why can’t I comment? 

The Tech Support team spent time working on it last night. Comments are now up and running.

You have a Tech Support Team? 

Yes I do. Currently it consists of The Husband. The Cat desperately wants to join the Tech Support Team, but I’m doubtful of her ability to actually provide technical support. Currently her idea of Tech Support is walking on the keyboard when I started writing this post. She is now trying to get The Husband’s attention by sniffing his eyebrow.

Your cat sniffs eyebrows? 

Yes she does. She’s really weird.

Glad to hear I can leave comments now. What about future posts? Can I subscribe? 

Yes you can! On the right side of the page is a link to subscribe via email. Also at the end of each post is an option to subscribe.

Cool. I’ll have to look out for that. 

Yes you should. You know what else is at the end of each post?

No. What else?

There are sharing icons so you can easily share an individual post to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Because your friends need some of this random quirky goodness.

Did I see there’s a like button at the end of each post too? 

Why yes there is. I like knowing when people like my posts.

Awesome. So what else do I need to know? 

Oh Fudge A Muffin is now on social media. Visit us on Facebook at Or you can tweet at me at @AmyFudgeAMuffin if you’re into Twitter.

Tweet at you? 

Is that not the phrase? I’m too old for Twitter. Someone help me out here.

Speaking of helping you out, what else can I do (besides point out when you don’t understand pop culture)? 

Spread the word! Like the Facebook page. Tell your friends. Subscribe. All of the above.

And when can I expect more posts? 

Oh Fudge A Muffin will drop new posts bright and early every Tuesday morning. Some weeks (like this week) y’all might be lucky enough to get an extra post. Count on at least weekly blasts of blogging greatness.

I think that answers all the questions that have come in. Thanks again for stopping by. Time for me to sign off and go play with The Cat. She’s still sulking about being rejected from the Tech Support Team. See you next time!

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